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    This property has been sold out and is no longer available.

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    BHD 1,217,000
    • 406 m2
    • Commercial
    • BHD 1,217,000
    • BHD 2997.00
    • 24 June 2019
    • UCP-S-1421
    • Off-Plan
    • N/A

    Property Description

    Ground-Retail showroom for405.75sqm R6, 4Seasons facing, BD1,217,000/-
    we have 147sqm to 406sqm commercial Retail place for sale 

    check with us Availability.

    Bahrain Bay is a US$2.5 billion master planned waterfront development. In six years the 500,000m2 arose from the waters and became Bahrain’s premier location for residential, commercial, retail, tourism, community facilities, and public amenities. 

    The development begins at the Kingdom of Bahrain’s very first Four Seasons Hotel and radiates outward in a series of concentric circles, giving each site the highest amount of visibility possible. It is easily accessible from the mainland via two multi-lane causeways, and is conveniently traversable along the North Manama Causeway. 

    The region for its dedication to sustainability, with such groundbreaking innovations as a development-wide central air system providing air conditioning to each and every building.
    The Wyndham Grand Hotel opening in end 2017.

    Rupal M Dhakan on / or visit www.unicorn.com.bh for further details
    -Driver's Room
    -Children's play area
    -Public park
    -Public parking
    -Public transport
    -Shopping mall

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